We have put together this incredible Nutcracker Special


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VALUE $39.95


• Our NEW! SWEEPER RAKER Multipurpose Adjustable Handle Rake & Broom All-In-One with Curved Push & Pull Design will be the only broom or rake you will ever need! Use inside and outside! Just PUSH orange bristles to sweep or PULL black bristles to rake! It's easy!


• OUR FAVORITE! T2 Telescopic One Touch Ratchet Tree Loppers are the most versatile ratcheting loppers in the Tiger Jaw line of gardening tools. With extendable handles that give you 40.5 inches of reach, you will be surprised at how easy lopping and pruning has become.


• T2 Replacement Blade with instructions on back.


• OUR NEW P2H Hybrid Hand pruner is an upgrade from the original P2 Hand Shears. This New up-graded heavy duty handle material not only utilizes the ratcheting mechanism, but also comes with a curved blade, making it even easier to cut through wood up to 3/4" inch thick. This model is light weight and ideal for trimming your crepe myrtles, roses, or any of your smaller limbs. Take care of your blade with the Built-In oil applicator.


• SS01 folding safety saw is designed to protect your hand while providing superior cutting design up to 4” inches in diameter quickly and safely. The SS01 protective hand guard prevents your hand from slipping on the handle and coming in contact with the blade while also protecting your hand when closing the saw blade. The blade is not only longer than most typical banana saws but the blade features two rows of teeth that cut in both directions not just one drawing the saw to oneself.


• NEW P10 Multi-Tool Pocket Hand Pruner! Best must have tool for inside and outside! The Tiger Jaw P10 Multi Tool Pocket Hand Pruner is great for bonsai plants, flowers, gardening and smaller twigs. Must have tool for Gardening, Hunting, Camping, Fishing and Hiking.




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